Welcome! I'm Jamie

a front end developer

I believe in crafting information

to be beautiful, useful, and accessible

I fell in love with software development

...so much so that I just HAD to change careers. My coding philosophy?

  • A website is only as compelling as its least functional parts
  • Less can often be more
  • Details deserve hawk eyes
  • Great tech skills mean little without fantastic collaboration skills
  • Bug sleuthing can be a great pastime
  • And lastly?

Great ideas are a dime a dozen. People who make them happen are priceless.

(I'm one of those people.)

These are some of my projects

you can view the live site or the code

And what about my tech stack?

  •   HTML5
  •   CSS3
  •   JavaScript/ES6
  •   React.js
  •   Adobe CC
  •   Responsive design
  •   Accessibility
  •   Bootstrap
  •   Sass
  •   jQuery
  •   Redux
  •   PHP/MySQL
  •   Git/GitHub
  •   Cross-browser compatibility

Seen enough? Let's work together

how do you prefer your tea?